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capacities  selftitled (2014) 12"11.00 €

capacities are a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from New Jersey that began in 2012. Members of this band were also in The Saddest Landscape, You And I, Black Kites, and a bunch of other great bands. Regardless of their association with other amazing bands, capacities have certainly made a name for themselves. They play intense, chaotic, and emotional screamo with pummeling force. Lyrically, they explore many social/political/philosophical themes in addition to some personal ones.

only 2 left !

coma regalia / capacities  split 7"4.50 €

This is a brand-new split between Capacities (from New Jersey, US by members of The Saddest Landscape, Black Kites, Less Life, Birth Screams...) and Coma Regalia (from Indiana, US). Both bands are fucking brilliant