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saligia  the new innocence 10"9.00 €


piri reis / coma regalia  split 10"11.00 €

"Coma Regalia comes full circle with this new split with Piri Reis which features ex members of Quantis with whom they did their very first split! 4 songs by Piri Reis in legendary vein of Utarid/Kias Fansuri/Daghila and 7 songs by Coma Regalia."

seven sisters of sleep / shamans owl  split 10"10.00 €

This outstanding piece of vinyl features 3 songs from Shaman’s Owl & 1 song from Seven Sisters of Sleep. Both bands impress me with how they are able to bring the heavy with so much emotion and cryptic melody! - cvltnation

only 3 left !

resurrectionists / battle of wolf 359  split 10"8.00 €

Resurrectionists play pulverizing grinding HC with touches of melodic chords amidst the chaos. This band is tight, very heavy, and has multiple vocalists. Very fast played drums and guitar, distorted bass riffs and desperate voices extol the end of the world. Once again Resurrectionists built a solid bridge between the banks of emoviolence and grindcore. If you allready got their LP you might have idea what you can expect. Battle Of Wolf 359 play brilliant screamo with female and male vocals. Heavy guitarriffs and harsh played drums lay into slow parts to break out in chaos again in the next moment. Very well done songwriting that will catch your ears if you are into music of this kind.

danse macabre  einerseits/andererseits 10"9.00 €

9 last songs of this too short lived Germany screamo band. We will miss them! One of RWP's best.
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danse macabre