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myteri / procrastinate  split 12"12.00 €

Procrastinate was formed in 2013 at Karditsa, Greece. At first, it was a project of two people in need to express themselves through extreme music and put out their ideas and beliefs. Later things got more serious and they became a five-piece and highly active group. they place themselves among the DIY hardcore punk scene and perform only in autonomous spaces and squats which promote an anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-sexist and self-organized way of life. the lyrics draw inspiration from everyday life issues, social & political crisis, personal situations and ethics. Alot of times they have been described as metallic hardcore, crust-grind, crust punk, hardcore punk, but they are not really in that genres. It’s going to be the listener to decides.Fast paced and with a similar vocal style to the band sharing this EP, MYTERI has a sound that that seems influenced by Amebix, Antisect, Wolfpack, Doom, Disfear,and IT Dies Today. Overall, this is a nice display of these bands’ distinct sounds and it is well worth the listen.

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