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they sleep we live  escaping the measures of time 12"10.00 €

Unreal German screamo heavily influenced by mid-late 90s emo/hardcore. These four songs are so thick and lush you'll almost feel claustrophobic with all that amazing music. Utilizing the pretty and ugly, the band weaves epic songs that often have two vocalists screaming back and forth.

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they sleep we live / vi som älskade varandra så mycket  split 7"6.00 €

A stunning thick gatefold 7" split from Europe. VSAVSM is fresh off their stunning 2014 LP and boast a member of Khayembii Communique, playing sad and screamy hardcore with some shoegaze and post-rock. TSWL include their first proper offering as a band and blow away all expectations with this 6-minute track of screamy hardcore in the vein of The State Secedes and Gospel.

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