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tempest  passages 12"9.00 10.00

damn i love canada! i fell in love with (diy) hardcore through bands like uranus and one eyed god prophecy ... again with buried inside and titan .... you know bands that have this heartfelt passion mixed with frustration and anger! so this is the newest eruption from canada called TEMPEST. and i m in love again ... Passages takes the listener through bitter and emotional crust, a trip that encompasses despondency, vitriolic rage and some really great sound samples. It's not a long record - in fact it's probably the perfect length, coming in at just over 24 minutes. The 7 tracks are of reasonable length but every single one is attention grabbing, not to mention the 7 minute epic self titled track that closes the album. I don't really have anything bad to say about this. Every moment of it is excellent, it certainly doesn't overstay its welcome and it has a great deal of replay value. "Dark Hardcore" to a tee, mixing aspects of Hardcore, Black Metal, and Crust in a unique blend of chaotic fury."
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