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tempest - selftitled 12"
there are bands that have this one bombastic record and are never able to come close to it again .. NOT tempest – they made a huge advancement without loosing their sound or uniqueness. They sound even heavier on these recordings although the songs are more complex and very beautifully arranged....

tempest - passages 12"
damn i love canada! i fell in love with (diy) hardcore through bands like uranus and one eyed god prophecy ... again with buried inside and titan .... you know bands that have this heartfelt passion mixed with frustration and anger! so this is the newest eruption from canada called TEMPEST. and i m...

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"Tempest started in a barn. When a band chooses to jam in an unheated barn in the Canadian winter you begin to suspect that, like all the best art, this music exists not because they want to play it but because they have to play it. I remember standing outside in the freezing cold while they jammed before their first show, watching my breath fog into the night and picking out the riffs that powered through the thin wooden walls. 'One Eyed God Prophecy. Shikari. Burial Year.' I could tell immediately that this was going to be something that the city hadn't heard before. Five years later, Vancouver still doesn't appreciate that they have a world-beating band in their midst, one whose commitment to their music and ideals hasn't faltered in the face of relative indifference. Some secrets are good enough to keep anyways; the most gratifying music becomes a password, a knowing nod, a bond shared between friends."
-R.W. December 2011.

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selftitled 12"

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Passages 12