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autarkeia  selftitled 12"10.00 €

Hailing from sunny Fort Myers FL, Autarkeia crushes through 8 tracks of dark, moody, and epic emo. Made up of members of Jiyuna and Merkit, both sides shine through, combining gorgeous building and spine tingling emo with crushing, often distorted bass that made this record almost too heavy to cut the lacquers right. These tracks explore everything from calm to driving to gigantic pounding intensity, all fronted by female vocals ranging from venomous, pained fury to haunting ethereal beauty. Lyrics focus on personal and political topics and are moving and thoughtful. This is an emo record the way they should be - sincere, thought provoking, and intense. The packaging is made from recycled, inside out, screen printed record jackets to reduce resource consumption, and comes with an 11x17 poster/lyrics insert.

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autarkeia / republic of dreams  split 7"4.50 €

an all friendship fueled split 7” with 4 new tracks from republic of dreams – a bit darker but still hustling and anxious. Autarkeia contribute one epic song filled with beautiful melodies and fierce passionated vocals.
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republic of dreams


autarkeia / me and goliath  split 12"6.00 €

„no post shit“ rough screamy emo from some of the best people on this planet. honest and passionate. autarkeia continue to write moody and epic songs with great rhythms – this is heavy and crushing with beautiful melodies and yet harsher than their previous releases. me and goliath contribute 3 songs of finest „minstrel“ emo – playful and beautiful – dirty and intense!
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