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mrtex  untitled tape4.00 €

"This is a very special and limited physical-only release cassette numbered out of 70 by Sweden's Vi älskade varandra så mycket (1 new track) and the Canada/US collaboration that is мятеж. Emotionally exhausting and epic screamo meets a peculiar balance of ambiance and powerviolence. 70 aqua tapes that come in a foldover paper cover with мятеж lyrics on the inside, all housed in a plastic, resealable sleeve. 1 song by Vi älskade varandra så mycket and 3 songs by мятеж."

mrtex / kelut  split 12"10.00 €

"MRTEX is an project that consists of Chris Story (ex-Makara, Jenny Piccolo, Yaphet Kotto, The Anasazi and Anal Knievel) on...everything instrumental and David Norman (ex-The World That Summer) on vocals. This split 12"" is a mixture of songs recorded by Chris over the last three years that are assembled into a much more ambient and atmospheric mix when compared to the groups other releases. KELUT is, for lack of a more succinct synopsis, the next step for the majority of members from Yusuke. Gone are the pretty, noodly and more Saetia sounding sections, as the band goes apeshit here with five tracks of mind-numbing and ear-splitting screamy, dark hardcore."

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mrtex / people's temple project  split 7"5.00 €

"Mrtex has a veteran of Yaphet Kotto, Makara, Jenny Piccolo, and Anasazi and all these shine through. They drop two tracks, one being a perfect combination of swirling emo-violence with the noisy harshness of Makara. Their second track is a gorgeous post-rocky haunted emo-dirge. People's Temple Project is a time warp straight back to 1996 Ebullition and Mountain Records comps. Everything about those 90's emo bands that grabbed me at 17 and still has me at nearly 40 years old is here. Screenprinted cover and hand-stamped center labels."

only 1 left !