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formed in the year of the imperial lord 1997, buried inside is the collective bargaining of five bags of bones and water biologically defined as 'humans' and their ongoing negotiation with that which determines them socially defined as 'culture'. sound familiar? the product of ottawa, canada and its weird distillation of the great north and lethal doses of civil servants, buried inside was conceived to throw into the post-rorschach well of bands in eastern ontario and quebec in the mid-90s. a couple years, some scattered shows, and one diy recording followed but money, geographic separation, and varying responsibilities sedated the project. in 2000 through 2002, buried inside bore down, did a proper record, and toured the water-holes of north america with bands like creation is crucifixion and break of dawn. suspect symmetry, a record about fallacies and their breeding, was self-recorded and released by quebec's cylop media in 2001. the record was later issued in europe as a 12"-only through germany's react with protest. buried inside is currently surviving off the recent serving of chronoclast. chronoclast is buried inside's relapse debut and the first in a series of common claim records acting as organs to the project's body. produced by matt bayles (isis, botch, mastodon), narrower in focus, and almost three years in the making, chronoclast was written as a single 40-minute piece using a variety of instruments ranging from strings and brass to piano and electric organ. the band, after a long hibernation, debuted chronoclast in october 2004 with a short tour of the north east u.s. leading to the 2004 relapse cmj showcase. since the release of chronoclast, buried inside have toured continually throughout 2005 with coliseum, eyehategod, unsane, jucifer, mi amore and the holy shroud. the band will close out their relapse inaugural year with a headlining tour of europe and continuing work for future servings through relapse. to a band with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. description from RELAPSE RECORDS


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RWP 010
Suspect Symmetry 12"