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Matt (formerly Ben)

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cease upon the capitol first practiced in february 2004. the goal of the band was to succeed where their previous band, the baldwin mass suicide, had failed. the band was to be more radical, politically and musically. they wrote and recorded two songs before they met ian. ian came to murfreesboro to study at mtsu from korea, where he grew up. he had previously sang in the korean band, unroot. ian got on bass, and the three recorded 3 more songs to complete their demo. before ian went back to korea for the summer, they went into battletapes in nashville and re-recorded their demo as an ep. after ian left for the summer, they got ben to take his place. they played several shows over the summer in nashville, murfreesboro, bowling green, ky, and jackson. they've played shows with a day in black and white, breed/extinction, kaospilot, van johnson, takaru, this ship will sink, and coliseum. in february 2005, they were included in the emo armageddon compilation from react with protest records. while releasing their first full-length on react with protest records, matt, ben and ryan toured europe for nearly two months in the summer of 2006. back in the usa ben has left the band, and roy has joined. the band is still working very hard on new songs, a lot of new stuff will be put out soon and you can prepare yourself for the 2nd european tour of these guys in 2007.

RWP Releases

RWP 028
selftitled #2 12"

RWP 023
selftitled 12"

RWP 022
Emo Apocalypse Compilation 12"
a lot of other great bands

RWP 014
Emo Armageddon Compilation 7"
a lot of other great bands